Bulk Download API

We maintain a subset of downloads for users that need observations, and forecasts for many locations at once. The update frequency is once per hour, and these download API's are accessible to Business / Enterprise plan users.

Disclaimer: Please do not archive this data for analytical use. Raw observations are minimally quality controlled, and may be inconsistent at times. Please use the sub-hourly , hourly, or daily historical weather API's.

Current Weather (includes Air quality, and Pollen for US/EU) for 146,890 cities


Bulk Forecasts [Updates ~01:00 UTC, and ~13:00 UTC]

48 Hour/hourly Forecasts (includes Air quality) for 146,890 cities


16 Day/daily Forecasts for 146,890 cities


Refer to our metadata page for a list of city ID's (Location ID field).